Frequently Asked Questions

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I want to place an order, but I don't have a concrete idea of what I'm looking for, can you help me with the design?

Yes. We have a design department that meets the needs of our customers in dimensions, budget and finishes. Request a custom design from your sales executive.

Do they use molds to manufacture your products?

We do not use any type of mold in our manufacturing process. In Taller de Colección Vitro we carry out a 100% handmade process; The glass is cold carved to shape unique figures.

What other materials do you handle besides glass?

In our glass pieces we can include wooden base with metal plate or accessories of other materials

Can the engraving of the piece be in color?

To engrave a logo in color, it must meet the following characteristics: The logo must be wide, clear and without much texture. The paint we apply is colored spray.

Do the glass pieces have any special packaging?

We handle two types of packaging for the protection and handling of glass pieces. Wooden case covered in black velvet, for pieces with exclusive designs and black cardboard packaging for our basic line pieces.

What requirements do I need to request an invoice?

To request your invoice for the first time as a customer, we require proof of original tax status in PDF and a telephone number. If we have already billed your company, you only need to indicate the tax information to your sales advisor.

How much is the minimum number of pieces to place an order?

The minimum number of pieces to enter an order to production is one piece, since each of the pieces we manufacture are worked by hand.

What characteristics does the glass have?

The main difference is its color, since the glass has greenish hues, so the light passes and allows us to see through it.

What information can be recorded?

Each client chooses the information to be recorded in their pieces, each of the pieces can be customized. Normally it includes the date, the name of the person who receives the piece, the company logo, etc. Once the order is approved, we can make changes to the information that will be recorded on the pieces. We send you a preview of the engraving and when approved, we start with the engraving in SandBlast.

Where do you send the pieces?

We send our pieces through the UPS® service inside and outside the Mexican Republic.

Can you make a volume discount?

Although each of our pieces are manufactured by hand, the volume discount is considered from 150 pieces.

What are the payment methods that you can offer?

We accept cash payment and bank transfer.

If I have an idea in mind for my piece of glass, how can I request a quote?

Ask us for a quote by mail or call. You can find our contact information in the contact section. We will send you a preview or render of what the piece you are looking for would look like

Do you offer different colors of crystals?

We handle standard colors in our crystal raw material.

Light blue, dark and aqua, pink, violet, red, strong and light green, orange, yellow, red, black and crystalline.

If you require a piece of the specific color of the logo it would be achieved with spray paint, in this case we need the exact color to get it.

How is the engraving on the glass pieces?

The engraving that we apply to the pieces of glass is called SandBlast and it is a sandblasting bath under pressure that roughs the surface of the glass; this is why the engraving is not erased or defaced

What is the minimum text size for engraving the piece?

The minimum size so that the text to be engraved on the piece is readable is 8 points.

Does the shipment have an extra charge?

In Taller de Colección we have shipping policies. Click here for more information. Request the price of the shipment of your pieces with your sales advisor.

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