In Taller de Colección
we value and promote Mexican talent.

Our team is made up of master glass artisans and industrial and graphic designers, who take care of every detail, from the design to the elaboration of the pieces. We create functional and aesthetic designs for every occasion.

We invite you to visit us and get to know our work!

We are backed by more than 50 years of experience

and a variety of crystal products that has allowed us to participate in the commemorative events of the main companies in the country.

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Our process
Meet the creative process that we follow for our pieces, from its concept to the final product.

Our priority is your satisfaction
that’s why we adapt to your needs by providing:


Accessible products

In Taller de Colección we adapt to your budget to offer you the best products.



We offer a wide variety of products, whether you choose one of our standardized lines or you can send us a photo and we will replicate it in our pieces



We strive to capture the best quality within each and every one of our pieces to simply offer you the best products.



Each piece of our personalized line is unique, you can be certain that no one will have the same recognition worldwide.

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Meet the projects and brands we have worked with.

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Our acknowledgments

Since 1987, the Antena Award recognizes women and men from the Radio and Television Industry, whose talent and ability have allowed the development of the formal Mexican media.

In order to recognize the progress in the implementation of excellent processes and the levels of competitive results both nationally and internationally, the Nuevo León Award for Competitiveness awards gold, silver or bronze.

Every year the cases that demonstrate the results of their methodologies for the continuous improvement of processes and the development of new products that solve major problems in the country are recognized.

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