What do our customers think about our work?

I appreciate your valuable support.

«Thank you very much for all your support, everything was on time.»

«Thank you so much, very beautiful piece, great job as always, thanks for your attention and support.»

«All very well, excellent service. Thank you very much for the following of my order.”

«The pieces were beautiful, thank you very much!»

«I picked up the piece, thank you very much I look very nice.»

A thousand thanks for all your support, I got the piece much earlier than expected, so suuuper!

Thanks for everything

«Good morning, I received the piece, it is very good, I want to thank you for the excellent service you provide, congratulations.»

«Thank you for sending the piece, the Director really liked it. I received it perfectly. »

«TCV has always been characterized by handling high quality standards, made by artisan hands that transform glass into wonderful shapes.»

«This recognition is a piece of great value for us as a company, as for those who receive it as it is to recognize the effort of their work throughout the year.»

“The pieces are exquisite, personalized, of an indisputable quality and also their customer service is impeccable.”

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Our acknowledgments

Since 1987, the Antena Award recognizes women and men from the Radio and Television Industry, whose talent and ability have allowed the development of the formal Mexican media.

In order to recognize the progress in the implementation of excellent processes and the levels of competitive results both nationally and internationally, the Nuevo León Award for Competitiveness awards gold, silver or bronze.

Every year the cases that demonstrate the results of their methodologies for the continuous improvement of processes and the development of new products that solve major problems in the country are recognized.

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